Over the past five years, I’ve been struck by the small number of women on medtech executive teams, boards, and conference panels, given how many talented experts I know who are women.


About a year ago while sitting in the audience of a medtech conference with the typical five-to-ten percent proportion of female panelists, I decided to create an opportunity to highlight the expertise of the talented women who I knew were out there but who we weren’t hearing from.


From my seat in the audience, I sent an email from my blackberry to Deb Kilpatrick, who was in a board meeting at the time, outlining the high-level plan. Without missing a beat, she responded “I’m in!” and we were off.  From there, we pulled together a group of our medtech colleagues, now called MedtechWOMEN, and together created the MedtechVISION Conference.


It’s wonderful to see the conference come to life and to have such spectacularly talented women involved as speakers and organizers.  I’m looking forward to hearing their insights about how we navigate this dynamic time in healthcare.


See you in September!