Thank you for all of you who participated in MedtechVISION 2011. The strength of the speakers, attendees, sponsors and organizers created a one-of-a-kind experience for all of us. Given the success of last year, we were encouraged to bring the group together again.


The challenge is always to keep the information and topics fresh so we learn new things each year as our dynamic industry evolves. This year, we decided to build off the success of Bray Patrick-Lake’s opening talk and center the conference around the “Empowered Patient” – the new and expanding role of the patient in health care today.


Bray’s talk focused the 2011 conference on the mission of our industry, which is to create innovations that improve and advance the health of patients. It was powerful to be reminded that we are at once both the innovator and the patient. It also happens that information access, care delivery models and healthcare financing are changing as the patients are exercising more influence. Patients are taking increased decision-making and financial responsibility for their healthcare, and this is changing how and what care is delivered. There is an opportunity to invest, innovate and invent differently, in a way that serves the patients who are at the core of all of our missions and also creates or sustains successful businesses.


As always, the goal of the conference is to provide new ideas and actionable information to the audience of medtech professionals, from our expert colleagues who are on the cutting edge of major shifts in healthcare (who also happen to be women).


Looking forward to seeing you in September!