What an interesting event MedtechVISION 2012 promises to be – seeing technology-based healthcare innovation and its delivery from the vantage point of patients is a rather fresh and timely perspective to consider.

As patients are becoming increasingly active and vocal participants in the care of their health, the innovation and care delivery communities need to adjust to and engage with them in a meaningful manner.  The key pressure points and opportunities for all sides in the collaborative process of health and disease management promise to be the central themes of several panel discussions.

Watch also for a lively discussion on related but different topics of how patients will (and will not) be able to exercise their choice and influence over health innovation. What will happen to the systems of payment for such innovation, and what will be the role of patients in that?

Last but not least, how is patient influence playing out in real-time, through the eyes of the entrepreneurs engaged in businesses where active patient engagement and communication are the norm already today?

Can’t wait to be a witness to an event that promises to be in equal measure inspiring and thought-provoking as it probes the present, the future, and the promise of the power of patients to change our industry.