Nikki Troiano Gainey is Vice President, Business Development and Commercialization for Siemen Healthineers for the Ultrasound business. In this role, she provides overall global strategic leadership, guides marketing and business development, and is responsible for growing partnerships. Nikki joined Siemens from GE Healthcare, where she led the Simplification and FastWorks initiatives and she was responsible for the Ultrasound Growth Board and internal startups to drive the business from $2B to $4B. Nikki served as the Vice President Marketing for Acutus Medical, as the initial GE Healthcare and GE Ventures Entrepreneur fellow.  Before joining ACM, Nikki was the interim Ultrasound CMO at GE Ultrasound, she supported and led the global operating mechanisms across 7 regions and 4 major P&Ls. Prior to that role, she was the Ultrasound Strategic and Marketing operations Director and was responsible for assessing the markets and growth opportunities. Nikki was also the Director of Competitive Intelligence for GE Healthcare and the Director of Global Business Analytics for the Healthcare IT business preceding her ultrasound experience. Nikki started her career in healthcare at GSK and Deloitte Consulting.


Past Events
  • Speaker, MedtechVISION 2017 Panel 2: Opening the Healthcare Tent: Will New Entrants Distract or Disrupt?
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