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Diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in 2013, Kristin Crosland became a patient in perpetual treatment, a breast cancer advocate and a hands-on mentor to newly diagnosed women. Kristin formed the “abreast” community as a vehicle for fundraising events that benefit organizations delivering patient care, research and education while also offering patients participatory experiences to advance collective knowledge and hope. She has been a TedX presenter, an Avon Walk SF keynote speaker, and a guest presenter to several medical device and pharmaceutical companies working to better understand the patient experience. She has been featured in two films and multiple campaigns for the Stanford Women’s Cancer Center. 

Kristin earned a BS from Duke University and an MS from the University of Utah. She continued her graduate studies at Harvard Law School, UCLA, and Stanford. After a decade in academia and the public policy sector, she transitioned to medical devices and digital health. She was the Chief Operating Officer of the regulatory consulting firm Experien Group, then stepped away from corporate life for health reasons. Kristin now serves as the Vice President of the Board of Governors for the non-profit Horse Park at Woodside.

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