DD Johnice is the CEO/Chief Product Officer of The Wonder Guild, a strategy advisory and product development firm that partners with enterprises in developing markets to develop natively sustainable and equitable growth models.
DD has led value-based payment, health equity, community health, and SDOH programs and digital health and innovation organizations for an $80B+ integrated health care organization and a $21B+ health insurer.
DD and her multidisciplinary teams, including clinicians, have designed award-winning payment models, built partnerships to expand healthcare access to 2M people, created Birth Equity benefits for black maternal-child health, made community health worker services and social needs referrals available to thousands of Medi-Cal members, and got 65K people vaccinated.
Her latest product, Healbridge, is a market-based solution for equitable, affordable access to care where the patient’s needs and the provider’s expertise are paramount—no insurance required.

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