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Healthcare Consultant
Huda Eldosougi Healthcare Consultant
  • November 28, 2021

Global healthcare experience spanning almost 20 years in pharma, academia and as a consultant with expertise in health
systems, cross-sector analysis, integration, and value creation. Creative, collaborative and tenacious change agent
with depth in process improvement, and solution development for implementation of effective interventions

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Postgraduate Certificate @ Harvard Medical School
Jul 2018 — Apr 2019

Safety, Quality, Informatics, & Leadership in Healthcare

PhD @ Rutgers University
Sep 2015 — Apr 2019



Country Consultant @ Sudan National Information Center
Nov 2021 — Dec 2021

Provided planning, evaluation, change management, digital transformation, and international affairs for national
information management to help deliver on Sudan’s United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)
• National: Designed a national information management plan in support of UN SDG9 Industry, Innovation, and
Infrastructure with the aim to reduce the existent infrastructure constraints and enhance productivity by 40%;
reviewed and assessed information technology indicators for the International Communication Technology
Agency (ICT), coordinated with responsible government bodies to form general policies, and conducted mindmapping flow charts for information traffic flow to trace processes and agree on a baseline and KPIs in order to
plan and optimize protocols.
• Industry: Increased formal associations with E- Government data and statistics agencies, coordinated with the
Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SMO) to align on
baselines and KPIs, and initiate standards of information technology; enabled engagement with the African City
of Technology (ACT) and the telecommunication industry in order to expand the digital infrastructure for
equitable access to information and technology per UN SDGs 9, 10, 12, 16 Peace, Justice, and Strong
Institutions, 17 Partnerships for the Goals.
• In-House: Composed comprehensive content for national digital transformation project proposals in key focus
areas of online visa, anti-money laundering, online payment system, and e-health ecosystem to lay the
foundation for Sudan’s digital transformation roadmap. These national projects, valued at $43mil, will be
presented to international donors to expedite implementation and deliver on UN SDGs 9, 10, 12, 16, 17.Visa

Associate Professor Biomedical Informatics @ University of Medical Services & Technologies
Apr 2019 — Dec 2021

Developing curriculum for 3 courses: Biomedical Informatics (Systems, Tools, and Nomenclature), Digital
Health (Components, Integration Ecosystem, Dynamics), and Information System Strategy (Planning,
Implementation, Evaluation). Each include content, capstones, grade weights.
• Educating postgraduate students in Public Health, Digital Health, Health Information Systems, Emerging
Technologies in Health, Health Data and Electronic Health Records. Lecturing, supervising 2-6 hours per wk.
• Providing expertise serving as External Examiner for Family Medicine students pursuing their Masters of Public
Health and Masters of Science; providing thesis review, oral presentation and discussion in Research Methods,
Analytics, and Outcomes.

Healthcare Consultant
Apr 2019 — Dec 2021

Liaised with International Investors for healthcare development and to promote Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
• Developed National Digital Health Ecosystem framework to strengthen the Health Information System for domestic and international reporting and analytics for the MOH across 6,000 hospitals nationwide and to establish digital presence for better healthcare serving a population of 44 million.
• Created a comprehensive Emergency Medicine System project by incorporating international standards of WHO and UNDP into a national framework covering both metropolitan and rural areas. Scope included a Call Center for 200 vehicle ambulance dispatch, pre-hospital preparedness and COVID triage with ICU availability and isolation wards for 600 government hospitals, capacity building for personnel and knowledge transfer from the international community in a phased turn over to local authorities from international investors.
• Created first of its kind tele-mentoring for 2 hospitals (1,000 beds & 450 beds) & 2 universities (Khartoum & UMST) through the American program of Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) with certifications for Continued Medical Education (CME) in low- and mid-income countries to institutionalize CME and Continued Professional Development (CPD) with potential to provide access to 75% of clinicians in 3 years.
• Developed system to provide national access for renal patient information across 107 dialysis centers serving 12,500 patients, providing data in real-time to improve operational efficiency and standardize patient care.