Those were the words that appeared on the t-shirts worn by the U.S. women’s soccer team, after capturing the Olympic gold medal.  I have been playing soccer for over thirty years, and I could not be more proud of and inspired by these women.  What an incredible group of talented women, each bringing her own individual strengths and experiences, but all coming together to share in a collective purpose.  Sound familiar?

As a lifelong soccer player and fan, I love what female Olympic soccer players, from all corners of the globe, did.  They treated the international community to brilliant soccer, which was the result of women committed to performing at the highest level and competing with a strong desire to win.

I think that NBC commentator summed it up, when he spoke of the likely impact of the US Women’s Team performance, “Pushing soccer to the head table, where it deserves to be in this country [USA].”

And that made me immediately think about what we, MedtechWOMEN, continue to strive for.  We want to continue to raise the profile of talented women in our arena.  And this is one of many reasons why I am anxiously anticipating an incredibly talented group of women, coming together from across the nation to share in a collective high-quality experience at MedtechVISION 2012!

See you at the Rosewood!