When I joined the organizing team for MedtechVISION over a year ago, I was most attracted to the idea that it would be a forum to discuss solutions to challenges faced in the medtech industry, instead of a rehashing of all that we have read, written, spoken and heard about in the last couple of years where complaining about the problems took center stage. With apologies to my late grandmother, kvetching without following it up with a solution is a pointless exercise, and tiring at that. Here was a chance to come together as a group and acknowledge the challenges at the outset, and then quickly move to constructive discussion about what to do about them. It’s a life lesson really in how to approach what gets thrown at us, or what we just happen to encounter. Honestly, for me, the idea that this was for women only was secondary to the solutions focus of the conference (though coming up for an acronym for an all-women’s meeting proved to be quite humorous at times. Think about “Medtech Innovation Leadership Forum”).

Now that it has come together, the best word I can think of is “wow.” Look at all the accomplished panelists and attendees we have gathered in which to have that constructive discussion. The fact that they are all women is not amazing – why shouldn’t it be the case that we can put together such a grouping? I honestly think men are going to be missing an incredible experience (and the idea that women will have an edge on the collaborative solutions that arise is certainly a secondary benefit).

But perhaps the people I am most impressed with are this group of organizers of which I have been privileged to be a part. The discussions we have had live and over email over the last several months have been educational and often inspirational. The collaborative effort put forth to bring this all together has been wonderful to witness and join (and honestly, one I’m not so sure men could do as well, if anyone is keeping score). Deb, Amy, Susan, Jennifer, Virginia, Nicole, Bridget, Natalie, Amanda, Nancy, Jacque, Clara – it has been a pleasure and this is only the beginning.

The MedtechVISION conference is just around the corner. Come join us, meet my inspirational co-organizers, our visionary and accomplished keynote speakers and panel members, and all of your experienced colleagues from every corner of the medtech industry. Come be part of the solution.