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Save the Date for the MedtechVISION 2024 Annual conference!
The Power of We: Together Moving Medtech Forward

How do you address industry challenges no one can solve alone? By forming new partnerships that allow us to do more, together. This year MedtechVISON will focus on the power of new and emerging partnerships. We will discuss how medical device companies can build broad support systems with adjacent ecosystem players to keep innovation moving forward, broaden access to existing and emerging products, and help deliver on the promise of health to all patients. The Medtech industry has had decades to prepare for the growing needs of aging adults, learn about the underserved members of our communities, and improve the bottom line of safety, effectiveness and cost. But the last five years have seen an unprecedented level of disruption to our businesses, to say nothing of our lives and health. The processes and resources that built the great medical companies of yesterday will not meet the patient needs of today and tomorrow. Given the complexity of modern healthcare, we cannot thrive as an industry alone.

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Date: 2024

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