Creating a ‘Business Meeting of Women’ instead of a meeting about ‘Being a Woman in Business’… that is what I found unique and compelling about the concept of MedtechVISION.

Our industry is one in which female leaders are not uncommon, providing important opportunity and endorsement for future leaders.  How better to unite this community than by organizing a summit to bond collectively in furthering our field – something that benefits us all.

It is no secret that bringing meaningful advances in medical technology to patients has reached a new level of complexity due to today’s economic and regulatory environment.  The silver lining is that complex challenges spur true innovation in those passionate about advancing healthcare and fortunately there are many dedicated to the cause.

It is inspiring that this conference is dedicated to brainstorming creative solutions, going that important next step beyond identifying how the business environment has changed.  It is especially inspiring (though not surprising) to me that this action is being undertaken by women leaders in our industry, and is inclusive of the range of individuals involved in addressing healthcare needs: patients, physicians, policymakers, regulators, investors, industry… a testament to our ability to work together for the collective good.

The latest issue of Forbes magazine highlights the world’s 100 Most Powerful Women (some healthcare inclusions:  Kathleen Sebelius, Sheri McCoy, Margaret Hamburg, Angela Braly, Margaret Chan).  Imagine the benefit that convening such a group could generate.  In my mind, MedtechVISION is a step towards this for our industry, establishing a powerful network of medtech women to not only connect but to collaborate on sustaining and growing our field.

– Susan Stimson