Our organization is comprised of innovators from across the United States in varied aspects of the medical technology sector, including business leaders and experts in new product commercialization.

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Amy Belt Raimundo

Managing Director, Kaiser Permanente Ventures

Deborah Kilpatrick

CEO, Evidation Health

Amanda DePalma

Head of Global Marketing, Ultrasound, Philips

Aparna Kapur

Ashley Seehusen

Bridget Hurley

Jennifer Beedon

Jessica Richter

Katie Arnold

Leslie Oley

Nicole Osmer

Natalie Shlafman

Stephanie Jones

Susan Stimson

Virginia L. Giddings

Sr. Director, Stryker

Amanda Cox

Amanda French

Ann Luk

Anna McVittie Szafranski

Arianna Salazar

Beverly Tang

Heather Hudnut Page

Julia Fox, PhD

Krissy Wright

Kristi Nakayama

Laura Parmer-Lohan

Lynette Kozuma (Dobos)

Liz Cumby

Nada Hanafi

Rebecca Lai

Robin Eckert

Sara Kuethe

Sanaz Saatchi

Shirin Hasan

Terri Burke