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Challenging the null hypothesis

by Deborah Kilpatrick, CardioDx Over the last decade, strolling through the industry’s largest conferences, ...(read more)

Value, VCs and international markets: One industry leader’s answers on where medtech fits in

by Lindsey Alexander | read more)

MedtechWomen Announces Third Annual Conference Led by Women in Medical Technology

MedtechVision 2013 Will Focus on How to Create Value in Medtech Today Menlo Park, Calif. – July 29, 2013 – MedtechWomen today ...(read more)



Words of Wisdom in 5 Words or Less…Now That’s Value!

When you look up “value” (val·ue, ˈvalyo͞o/, noun), one interesting component of the word’s definition is: “a person’s ...(read more)


The Rise of 3-D Printing in Medicine

3-D printing has been rapidly growing from its roots as a rough prototyping tool into a now somewhat ubiquitous, ...(read more)


An Imperative to Build New Medtech Business Models

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since a small group with a can-do attitude decided to put together a forum in ...(read more)


Mark your calendars for MedtechVision 2014, to be held on September 9, 2014!

Our Fourth Annual MedtechVision conference planning is underway. We look forward to bringing healthcare’s leading women ...(read more)

MedtechWomen Southern California Event

MedtechWomen has big plans for Southern California. You’re part of them. Please join MedtechWomen on March 27 as we bring ...(read more)


MedtechVision 2013: Value in Healthcare

This year’s interactive discussion will focus on value in healthcare, the current challenges we’re facing in this industry ...(read more)




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